I get asked the following questions quite a bit and would like to take this opportunity to address them here:

“Crochet looks interesting, but where do I start?  What materials should I buy?”
I started my crochet journey with dollar store yarn and aluminium hooks!  I always feel that if you are not sure about a hobby, never pour a lot of money into it initially (well, unless you have too much money..haha).   If some time has passed and you are still very passionate about crochet, then consider investing in more comfortable, ergonomic hooks.  They really do make a difference and your wrists will thank you!  As for yarn, cotton or acrylic are perfect for starters.  However, it depends on what you make and eventually, you’ll realise that you can crochet with any material!  I would also keep an eye out for sales.  The price of yarn varies but some (i.e. hand-dyed) can get pretty high, especially if you need several skeins for a single project.

“Do you have suggestions for newbies?”
We live in an era where it is fairly easy to gain internet access.  I highly recommend consulting YouTube to gain some basic knowledge.  Some people think that crochet and knitting are very similar, but this is not true at all!  There is no shortcut when it comes to crocheting, you just have to keep on practising to get used to holding the crochet hook, learning gauges, reading patterns, etc.  Make sure you know the basic crochet stitches (single crochet, chain, etc) and what their corresponding abbreviations are.  US and UK crochet terms are slightly different— learn these distinctions!   I do advise you to look up simple written/chart patterns (such as my cute marshmallow keychain) first and trying those out before moving onto intermediate ones.  YouTube is a great way to start for visual learners!

“Why are you so insistent on people giving credits?”
I think it all comes down to the word “respect”. If you used someone else’s pattern, remember to give credit when posting photos on social media.  The same applies if you attempt to recreate another artist’s plush (i.e. give credit by writing “based on original design by_______”).   I firmly believe that appropriate credit should be given in ALL posts that involves the plush.  Too many times, I see people crediting initially and then somehow adopting the work as entirely their own.  You can never go wrong with over-crediting, this is what keeps the handmade community positive! *

“What is the big deal about copying?  You know you’re fighting a losing battle right?”
I try my hardest not to bring legal aspects of this topic into the discussion because I believe the handmade community should always be encouraged to create and share things. I have faith in this community’s ability to have the common decency to give credit to someone’s unique design. Think of it this way. If you drew Mickey Mouse using your own different drawing methods, but resulting to the same picture, would you go around telling everyone that this was your own original character? Of course not, because then you’d be taking credit for Walt Disney’s work. However, you can and should definitely show it off anyway as your own portrayal of Mickey Mouse as your methods and abilities deserves its own recognition too. Likewise, I openly welcome anyone to try to recreate my work, as I know that gets people’s creative minds working. Many times, these experiences are what spark new ideas that enables creators to make something truly unique. I only ask that when this work is shared or even sold, the many hours I’ve spent creating my own work is referenced and recognized as well.

Hopefully, this will help understand why it is so important to content creators that proper credit is given where it’s due.  Also, I do not believe this is a “losing battle”.  The moment we run away from this topic in order to avoid possible repercussions is when we truly lose.

Do you take custom orders?
I am not currently accepting custom orders.  In 2016 and 2017, I devoted a large part of my time in creating something extra special and memorable for many customers. My plushes have been in weddings, baby showers, prom, engagements, and many other celebrations! It is truly rewarding to know that so many of you enjoy having my handmade items be a part of your special day.  This year, I will be focusing more on pattern development as well as creating new plushes! I hope these new friends will bring more happiness to people around the world. Thank you for your ongoing support!! 🙂

“I LOVE you work! Will you ever consider selling your patterns?”
I do (finally…lol!)!  As of now, I have listed a number of patterns in my shop.  I hope you’ll tag me in your creations 😉

“I love your work, but they are so expensive — why?!”
The price of my work reflects the quality and time spent on each item; it is truly one of a kind!  Patterns usually take numerous days to complete and If you were to really break this down, crocheter and knitters usually underpay themselves..! A part of every sale goes towards purchasing materials for my donation plushes

“Do you offer discounts if I order more?”
Sorry, there is absolutely no negotiation in pricing.

“Why does it take you so long to ship out items?”
All my plushes are either made to order or made in small batches.  This is to ensure consistency and quality control.  Before you place an order, please make sure you are aware of the estimated creation and shipping time.  In the unlikely event that your order takes longer to make, you will be kept well informed.

“Do you take wholesale orders?”
Unfortunately no.  I am a one-person team and it simply takes too long to accept wholesale orders at a discounted price.  When I do have spare time, I enjoy spending it with family, friends, and my beloved dog, Bebe!

“When will I see you in handmade markets?!:
I am currently not planning to participate as a vendor in any markets.  I do attend them to visit my many creative vendor friends (and, of course, to shop) :).  Catch me if you can!

“Where can I find your plushes locally in Vancouver?”
As I do not have stockists carrying my plushes, the only location you will find them (“them” as in my Original Chubby Blushing Whales, Chubby Harbour Seal, CloudJelly…) is at the Vancouver Aquarium Gift Shop — both online and in person!.  100% of the proceeds goes towards our local Marine Mammal Rescue Centre (MMRC) to support rescue missions, food and medication purchases and rehabilitation.  You can read all about the MMRC here!

“Can you create this plush that _____ made?”
Nope!  I’ve fallen victim to this more than I’d like, therefore,  I would never want another fellow maker to experience this type of disrespect.  If you are a maker planning on accepting such orders, please reconsider and know that that someone else poured in a lot of time and effort into their original design.  On the other hand, please do not sell plushes based on another maker’s design (unless given permission)…

“Do you do this full time?”
I run Croochet in my spare time only.  I currently work a FT, which occupies most of my time.  Therefore, Croochet will continue to be a hobby.  I also really enjoy reading mysteries and thrillers as well as playing games on the Nintendo Switch! 😀


If you have any more questions, feel free to message me!