Bebe+JennHello!  My name is Jenn and I am the maker behind Croochet!  People seem to assume I have a very exciting life, but in reality, I am a certified 10/10 boring individual.  I find it weird to self-proclaim as a designer/amigurumist, so I’ve never referred to myself as one… Please do not refer me as an “influencer” either — it makes me cringe hard. Bebe (my adopted maltipoo) is my entire world.  Weekends are best spent alone with yarn and books…(sometimes with friends if I feel like being social).  Bubble tea, ramen, and pizza are my favourite things to munch on, but if I were stuck with eating one food for a year, please let it be watermelons!  Horror/thriller/action movies are the best, so if you like that, we need to be friends!  I enjoy a variety of music, but really cannot appreciate heavy metal.  I am obsessed with Shingeki no Kyojin and this is the only manga I’ve been chasing month after month.  My unrealistic dream is to open up a guinea pig rescue and a more realistic one is to adopt senior shelter animals throughout my life.  I don’t believe in astrological sign readings, but I’m an Aries and more than a handful of friends/acquaintances agree that I do reflect the traits of one.  I am the happiest when I get into bed at night and most uncomfortable with networking.  Anyway, I hope this website will help you escape reality for a while and that you will find at least one thing worth smiling about! 🙂