Welcome and thank you for dropping by!  I had a lot of motivation in starting a website to share my work and random thoughts, so…here we are!

You’ll notice that (despite my serious attitude towards crochet) I don’t often get very technical.  However, many bloggers are reallyyy good about getting into all the nitty-gritty details and I encourage you to visit their websites if you want in-depth knowledge about crocheting!  (I’ll compile a list and post it on here when finished!)

Other than that, I hope you will find at least one thing on my blog to make you smile!  If not, here is a photo of Cuddles* enjoying life 😉






(*Created in 2015, Cuddles is a little rambunctious duckling who has taken on the world with his playful, yet sometimes most-of-the-time, troublesome personality.  He is convinced that he is at least half a plant and that he can photosynthesize energy by simply sitting under the sun.  Cuddles have gone on more trips than I have because his owners like to bring him along (not sure why..).  His most recent stunt included climbing up a tree to a sleeping panda.  Despite his weird deeds, Cuddles have a huge heart and is really just a playful, clumsy duckie)



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